My Bantam Lake

Canada Goose

Written on 06/10/2018

Branta canadensis

Canada Geese are big waterbirds with a long neck, large body, large webbed feet, and wide, flat bill. They measure in length 76 to 110 centimeters and in wingspan 127 to 170 centimeters. These birds have a black head with white cheeks and chinstrap, black neck, tan breast, and brown back. Canada Geese feed by dabbling in the water or grazing in fields and large lawns. They are often seen in flight moving in pairs or flocks that assume a V formation. Canada Geese live just about anywhere near lakes, rivers, ponds, or other small or large bodies of water, and in yards, park lawns, and farm fields. This species is of low conservation concern.

Fun Facts:

  • As lawns have proliferated and changes in farm practices have made waste grain more available in fall in winter, the ranges of migratory populations of the Canada Goose have shifted northwards. Some flocks have stopped migrating completely, remaining in urban and suburban areas year-round.
  • The oldest known wild Canada Goose was a female that lived to be at least 33 years, 3 months old.


Source: Canada Goose Overview and Identification Information, All About Birds, Cornell Lab of Ornithology