My Bantam Lake

Grassleaf Mudplantain

Written on 06/18/2018

Heteranthera dubia

Grassleaf mudplantain, or stargrass is a native plant species to Connecticut. A native plant is one that occurs naturally in a particular habitat, ecosystem or region without human introduction. It is well adapted to that region's soil, moisture and weather conditions. These are perennial plants with vegetative stems submersed and growing to surface.  Bright yellow flowers open within 2 hours after dawn, and wilt by dusk. Extensive vegetative variation has been noted in the leaf morphology of Heteranthera dubia. Plants in ponds and lakes tend to have longer, narrower leaves than plants from streams and rivers with a unidirectional current. Grassleaf mudplantains are most extensive in their growth in alkaline waters and if plants are in a great enough density, they can cause an increase in water pH.



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